Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 33- New Year Miracles!

Everybody loves the missionaries!  Ha-ha and we finally got snow!

Hello everyone!:) I hope all is well at home or wherever you are in the world and that you all had a safe and happy new year! Ours was great, Sister Cuevas really wanted to bring in the New Year so we went to bed at 10:30, the normal time, and she set an alarm for 11:59 so she could cheer ha-ha. When we woke up I asked if she had forgotten to set the alarm because I didn't hear it and she said, “Yeah Sister you didn't wake up to cheer with me!” I was so tired I didn't even hear the alarm go off ha-ha so obviously I needed the rest!:)We saw an awesome miracle New Year's Eve though! A lot of people like to drink on New Years; I think everyone knows that, but Latinos REALLY like to drink. So we were weary about setting appointments at the times that it would be dark because that's when the party starts! We felt like we should see this investigator though, so we set an appointment for an hour before we were going back home. He left the party to have a lesson with us and he came out with a beer in his hand and I thought to myself, great, he's going to be drunk, we're going to be in a bad situation and he's not going to remember anything. But we decided we'd try to teach anyway! Turns out that was his first drink so he wasn't drunk so that was good, and we were planning on teaching the plan of salvation, but then Sister Cuevas whips out her iPad and was like let me teach you about the word of wisdom! And honestly I was nervous that he would take it the wrong way and not want us to comeback. So I was praying the whole time that we were teaching that we were doing the right thing. When we finished he said he understood why it was important but didn't seem to convinced or set on living it himself. As we were leaving we called back and told him to have a goodnight and to remember what we taught and not drink too much!We had an appointment with him again the next day, and I didn't end up going because we were on exchanges so sister Cuevas was with another sister, but when they got there he said he had thought about what we said after we left and he decided he didn't want to drink anymore that night and he left the beer he was drinking during the lesson on the floor in the garage. Later that night his friend crashed his car trying to park because he was very drunk and it really hit him in that moment the effects drugs and alcohol can have on you. He said, “my friend isn't even going to remember what he did, but he still has to pay for all the damage, why would you want to do that?” And he told the sisters he didn't have the desire to drink anymore.Here I was during the lesson afraid we were going to scare him away or that he would think it was dumb but he took it all in and is now living the word of wisdom!! It was amazing to see and I am excited to see how he will continually progress by following the commandments!Miracles like this are happening every day:) Don't be afraid to say something that the spirit tells you, even if it may seem bold. If you're following the spirit, it's always the right thing!One more fun random thing I did this week was go on exchanges with a Sister in Iola Kansas, which is such a tiny town! There are more cows than people.... ha-ha but it was great! Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! So grateful for all your love and support:)

All is well and God is good!

Love Hermana/Sister Baggett

Sisters Cuevas, Pope, Forsyth and I after exchanges to Iola.
A birthday surprise from Mama Lyons!

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