Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 44- How to come to know the church is true

Hola todos!:)
Hope everyone is having a great week! This week was definitely an
adventure for us to say the least:) last week I talked about Royce who
was preparing to be baptized this past Saturday the 19th. He was super
excited to get baptized and had a testimony of all the things that we
had taught, but as I have seen many times on my mission, Satan works
hard on these people who are ready to take the big step of baptism. On
Tuesday, a friend of his told him about a whole bunch of anti-Mormon
things that are definitely not true, but after hearing them he was
super overwhelmed and anxious and said he wasn't ready for this.

It was and is really hard to see him doubt the testimony he has
because of things he heard from others. And as I have said in other
emails with other people, this happens all the time, when people are
so ready and have great testimonies but Satan fights hard right up
until the very end and sometimes he gets the best of us. We pray that
Royce and others who have struggled before their baptism will be able
to remember their testimony and hold to the strength that comes from
the spirit. We have hope and faith that he and the others will
remember and will make covenants with God though baptism when it's
their time:)

Some good things that happened this week though!:) There was another
baptism of a man named Walter. His wife had been a member her whole
life and they had been married for 12 years. Every week she took the
kids to church and he just wasn't interested. When she started coming
home from church looking like she was going to pull her hair out
because the boys were crazy, he started going to church with them so
it wouldn't be so stressful for her. He went every week and even had a
calling but said he needed some answers before he actually joined the

Walter and his family
That brings us to a couple months ago when a member of our ward, who
is really good friends with Walter, struck a deal with him. Walter
really wanted Brother Peterson (the ward member) to run a half
marathon with him, so Brother Peterson said, I'll run it with you if
you read the Book of Mormon and give it an honest chance. Brother
Peterson though Walter would laugh it off as a joke but he said, it's
a deal. And the rest is history! He started reading the Book of Mormon
and 2 weeks ago says to his wife, hey I think I'm going to get
baptized. She was pretty floored, but as she spoke at his baptism you
could feel the amazing spirit in their family. I know this gospel
truly does unite families, I'm seen it with my own eyes and felt it in
my heart. It was one of the most powerful baptism's I've been to and
I'm so excited for this sweet family to go to be sealed in the temple
in a year:)

We also had our first English class this week and it went so well!:) I
love seeing the people who come begin to have confidence in themselves
as they learn something new and it's such a great thing for them to
know living here in the states. I love it all!:)

Teaching at the English class.  Elder Bagley and I and some of our students.
I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in its
fullness though the prophet Joseph Smith. I know we have a living
prophet today, who is Thomas S Monson, and I know he truly does
converse with Jesus Christ so that he can lead us to know how to
prepare before the second coming of Jesus Christ. I have gained this
testimony not only though study and prayer but also application of
commandments into my life. I see this difference and I know that is
because these things are true.

So if you ever have any doubts, or curiosity to know if these things
are really true, do what I did and what Walter did. Read the Book of
Mormon and give it an honest chance. I know that it will change your
We took this after we chased our investigators dog for 45 minutes!   Missionary work includes more than people realize!
I love you all! Have the best week and all is well and God is good:)
Love Hermana/Sister Baggett

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