Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 72 - Service and Conference

The Liberty Zone and our awesome shirts!  Man, I love these missionaries!
Oh boy do I have a lot to tell you about this week!! Things basically exploded here in the Doniphan area! But I'll just start with Monday and we'll go from there!:)

Monday we went and had a Family Home Evening with the family we have been meeting with from the past couple of weeks and we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ, especially repentance and it was pretty amazing to hear the kids teaching us! We really can learn from anyone and everyone, I'm so grateful for their testimonies! They also told us about their commitment from our last lesson which was to bear their testimony on social media and they were so excited! So if you don't know who to share you testimony with, just share it with everyone:)

Tuesday was the biggest miracle EVER. There is a young woman in the ward who has been trying so hard to work with her friends. She has been inviting them to church but things haven't ever worked out so we were just trying to encourage her too keep going and not give up so she said she wouldn't! We were supposed to have dinner with their family Tuesday night, so this young woman texts us and was like "Sisters I have two friends coming with me to dinner!" So obviously we're pretty excited!!! And then we get to dinner, and she has FOUR of her friends there!! Pretty beautiful surprise!!:) so we had dinner with them and it was super fun and then we shared a message before we left about the Book of Mormon. They were excited to be able to know more of what this is and meet with us! 
The Marbles with all our girls!
And on top of that Tuesday was the day we went to the temple with Royce and Gabriela! Royce was baptized for his dad and the spirit there was seriously incredible. I love the temple and I love that families can be together forever:)
The temple with Royce and Gabriella :)

And the rest of the week we were able to do so much service!! We helped to clean some houses, do some yard work, paint a house and everything!! I've learned that service really is the key to people's hearts. When you serve them you can really show your love for them. So a little invitation for this week! Go out and serve someone:) it could be big or small but I promise when you do that you and they will feel the love of our Heavenly Father in their life more:)
Painting a house for service.
One ending note on general conference:) I was able to see some themes! Saturday was definitely missionary work and the Book of Mormon! Which is awesome because I obviously love missionary work:) and members are so important!! We couldn't do missionary work with out the amazing member testimonies! And Sunday the theme was joy!! We really can have so much joy. Serving here at the Liberty Jail we get to hear a lot about the trials the early church members experienced during their time in Missouri, but you all heard first hand a story of joy coming from the history here in President Nielsen's talk! Joseph Smith and the other men also did their best to have a positive attitude as I've read in some of the letters they wrote. Our attitude really can determine any outcome, it's your choice so choose wisely! 
Conference with Julia and Elise.
Another conference session with the Russells.

I'm so grateful for the weekend we had to hear from the prophet, apostles and leaders of the church. I know they they are inspired and the messages we heard were from a loving Heavenly Father who really does care about us.  So all is well out here in Missouri, and God is good:)

Love, Hermana/Sister Courtney Baggett

We'll see you soon Cougs!!   (School starts in January for these two BYU cougars!!)

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