Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 71 - The temple and conference

My sweet companion Sister Morgan
Hey everyone!!  We actually took lots of pictures this week so we have some good ones!:) But it was a great week!

We started right after praying last week by having our weekly FHE with a family in the Ward! We talked about the plan of salvation and it was so wonderful to hear their testimonies and so we felt prompted to have them post a picture with us with their testimonies. They were so excited to do it! So tonight we're excited to be able to follow up and see if there was anything they felt prompted to do because of it! Our testimonies can really make a difference in someone else's life; so put your testimony out there:)

A great surprise at the jail!:) Royce and Gabriela came to visit!! They came to tell me they are going to the temple on Tuesday to do baptisms for the first time, and since I’m so close to the temple right now they're going to let my companion and I go as well:) that's what this work really is all about, uniting our families and helping us to come closer to Christ:) I know the temple does that for us! 

On Saturday we went to a baptism with a Ward member in Kansas City. Sister Morgan was serving there last and a person she taught was being baptized so that's why we went back, but the member we drove with was he craziest driver!!! Hahaha driving down the middle of the lanes and just laughing and chatting the whole time! Sister Morgan and I were like, good thing we're missionaries and the Lord is looking out for us! The baptism was amazing though:) the woman who was getting baptized had quite the week before, just as Satan always does, he tries make every baptism not happen. Her brother passed away a couple days before and she didn't know if it would all work out, but even though it was hard, she said she knew she needed to get baptized now!! She's pretty amazing:)
Sister Morgan and Mary
And of course we had women's conference and will be having General conference this weekend!:) I know we will all be able to receive answers to our questions as we listen to the testimonies of our leaders. If you have any doubts, questions or worries about the truthfulness of the church, I know if you listen with an open heart with a real desire to learn, the spirit will testify of the truthfulness to you. 

Have a great week everyone!
All is well and God is good:) 

Love Hermana/Sister Courtney Baggett
Balloons at the Liberty Jail!

The Russell Family

Petting the members donkey!!

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