Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 77 - Temple Tuesday

Change of Pday because Sister Morgan and I got to go to the temple today!:) I love to be able to attend the temple and feel the incredible spirit that is there. So this next weeks we'll be a great one because we started off with the spirit!
Temple Tuesday with my fav!
My favorite story from this week is with a man named Bruce. He is a retired army veteran and has many injuries because his time in the service. He is a member, but hasn't been to church for a long time. We were in his area and the sisters in the past had had some contact with him before so we wanted to meet him and see how he was. When we first started chatting he said he wasn't really interested in changing his life, so we asked if we could do anything to serve him. Nothing came to mind but we had a great conversation with him for about 20 minutes and then left. 

As we were driving away we get a call from him and he said he thought of some service! He said he knew it was short notice, but we could do something for Veterans Day if we really wanted to serve, and then ideas started flowing. Of course that's not too short of notice for us! We set up plans with some Ward members and they jumped on the idea. Before we knew it we had families making boxes and homemade cookies to pass out to vets on the 11th. We wanted to get the youth involved, so for activity night on Thursday Bruce is going to talk to the youth about the significance of Veterans Day and then we will be assembling all the cookie boxes. We had had so much contact with Bruce since our conversation on Friday and we know that this will help to bring us all together! Service and love bring light into our lives that we all so desperately need.

And to follow up on the truck driver we are teaching over the phone. We call for his lesson Sunday afternoon and he goes, funny you called, I'm with Sisters Gudgeon and Oldroyd (the sisters who had been teaching him in Cameron, Missouri) right now and we just got back from church and we are going to the Independence visitors center right now! Haha not very often you get a call like that from your investigator!:) he was in town during a weekend so he was able to meet with the other sisters and go to church. I'm so excited to see him keep progressing. 

The weather is holding out here, it's still very nice! I tell everyone it's because I sent my coats home in June and so I told Heavenly Father it couldn't get that cold until I go Home because I don't have a coat! Haha we did have a pretty crazy hail storm though, so that made it interesting! 

Our hail storm after they had melted for awhile.  Some were the size of a quarter!
Other than that all is well here. This week I have been pondering a lot about how much my mission had done for me and it just leaves me in a feeling overwhelmed with gratitude. I had so grateful that God would allow me to be a part of these amazing experiences. I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.
All is well and God is so good:)

Love Hermana/Sister Courtney Baggett

Me, Allie and her little brother and their brand new kitty at dinner!
Lunch with some missionaries after a meeting.
Our special visitor Sister Prior comes back to the mission!  I sure do love all my sisters who will forever be my sisters:)

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