Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Friday, May 15, 2015

Week 1- MTC

All the sisters in my district and our fantastic Presidents wife Hermana Price.
She lovingly refers to herself as our MTC Mom!
May 15, 2015
Here at the MTC we do a lot of one thing, waiting. Not waiting for lessons or teaching or anything, but waiting in line for the bathroom. You see, when the MTC was built, there weren't a lot of sister missionaries. It was mostly the sisters that didn't get married so they thought, oh I guess I'll go on a mission. So the MTC didn't plan for very many sisters and the girls bathroom is much smaller than the boys! Now that times have changed and the age has changed, there are so many more sisters here, and we're caught in a rut. In the large bathrooms there are two toilets for sisters, and seven toilets for the elders.....so there it leaves us sisters, waiting in line to use the bathroom. Always. When we're not waiting to use the bathroom we're usually in class studying either Spanish or ways to teach in Spanish! Like I said last week, we had our first lesson in Spanish and it was kinda bad...hahah. My companions and I planned our lesson in English, translated it into Spanish and basically read the whole thing. He would ask us a question, for example, why do we have to be baptized? And we would say, uhhh, God loves you! Cause we didn't really know what he said and that's the only thing we knew how to say...embarrassing. But we've been teaching all week and I'd like to report that we can semi hold a conversation about the gospel now! We probably sound like 4 year olds with our grammar, but hey as long as we're getting the point across! The nacho libre quotes keep the moral up in the place, and we've all nailed the accent; "So you want to get baptizzeed?!" Life is good in the MTC, talk to you all next week.
Love Hermana Baggett

Apparently Sister Missionaries still take "selfies".

All the sisters in my district with Hermana and President Price

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