Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Friday, May 22, 2015

Week 2- MTC

May 22, 2015
This week was great here and time is actually starting to move, really fast actually!  The first week here felt like an eternity, but now we're on high speed and it's awesome!  Some funny stories from this week!  I have a lot but these are my favorite!

Story 1: We're sitting in class the other day and one of the elders goes, I have a confession to make, and it's going to be really embarrassing.  So we're like okay...worried it's gonna be some deep dark secret.. what is it?  And he starts, "the first day we got here I realized that I forgot tooth paste, but the store was already closed!  But I looked over and saw a tube sticking out of my companions closet, so I thought, awesome!  I'll just borrow a little and get some at the store!  So I put a little squirt on my tooth brush and went to go brush my teeth and have a bonding moment with my companion while we great ready for bed!  So Elder Westburg (his companion)  is talking about his flight and all this stuff and I'm brushing, and this does not taste like toothpaste, not at all.  But he was standing there and I couldn't admit I stole his weird toothpaste so I kept brushing...for the whole 2 minutes...After the nasty brushing I went back into our room and peeked to see what kind of toothpaste it was, and it wasn't toothpaste...it was ANTI ITCH CREAM."  So yes, Elder Wagner brushed his teeth, and tongue, with anti itch cream for a solid 2 minutes.  And that brothers and sisters is what you get for taking without asking!!

Story 2:  At lunch things tend to get a little crazy, we all get a little to excited and laugh a little too hard.  One of my companions, hermana Parris, was taking a drink when someone made her laugh and the next this I see is her face is dark purple and she was obviously choking.  I shot into life guard mode and don't even know how I got to the other side of the table but I got there and was like where's your belly button?!  (for those of you who know the Heimlich, it makes it much easier if they show you rather than finding it!!)  She points and I was about to go into action when she finally starting coughing.  It was like music to my ears!  And then I turned into that person from the red cross first aid video when they say "tell the victim to keep coughing"  I always made fun of that video but I rocked the "keep coughing" task!  So just in case anyone wanted to know, if there is an emergency, I've still got your back hahaha

Things like this is what makes the MTC so great, and the spirit too, but laughing is food for the soul!

The MTC is great and the people here are awesome.  I love how strong I can feel the spirit always and I feel so much love for the people of Missouri even though I haven't met them yet.  Just to leave you all with a spiritual thought, God hears your prayers. It's a simple thought, but it means the world to me and has changed my life.  Because I know he listens to me, I am willing to try a little harder, pray a little longer, and have a little bit more courage in all aspects of my life.  If anyone out there needs a little love, have a conversation with your heavenly father.  He has more love than you could ever imagine.

Love you all!
Love, Hermana Baggett
         Sister Baggett

Hermana Jamison, Hermana Craig, Hermana Parris, Me!, Hermana Bassett

My two companions at the Provo Temple

Things get pretty crazy in the MTC

Our entire district
Back: President Price, Elder Westberg, Hermana Craig, Hermana Jamison
Front: Brother Jeffs, Elder Wagner, Me, Hermana Parris, Hermana Bassett, Elder House, Elder Eller

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