Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week 5 - Not much new at the MTC

This week has been mostly the same, no super out of the ordinary things to report, but it's all been really good!  We have mostly just been doing the normal things of studying lots of Spanish, teaching a lot of lessons and eating a lot, I feel like we eat all the time haha.  I have been taking our extra study time to practice the piano and I play in sacrament meeting for my branch.  That should make my mom happy considering all the money and time she spent trying to get me to practice haha:)

One of the sisters in the other district in my zone and I have a little bit of a war going on, we keep playing little pranks on each other to keep things exciting here.  The latest one was I hid under her bed when she was getting ready for bed, planning to grab her ankles when she walked by the bed to scare her but I kept missing my chance!!  About 15- 20 minutes later, she found me under there because my hair got stuck and I couldn't hold still anymore...hahaha it's always an adventure and she's super fun so it's all good!

This week I know will probably be the hardest of my mission so far because my whole district is leaving starting Monday,and will all be gone and out into their missions by Wednesday.  I will be staying an extra week because I have a extra week of visitors center training.  I'm really excited for the new training and to meet more sisters who will be going to my mission, but it will be so hard to say goodbye to all these people I have come to be so close with.  It has been a blessing to know them, and to learn so much from them. They'll be great missionaries!

I hope everyone has a great week, God is good and all is well!
Con Amor, Hermana Baggett

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