Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Friday, June 5, 2015

Week 4- Success!

My Zone
This week we were so blessed to hear from another apostle at devotional! This week was Elder Christofferson and he brought out a list of frequently asked questions from missionaries and answered all of them for us! We talked about it after in my district and he answered a lot of questions we had all already been thinking about and praying for answers, so I know that God really does hear our prayers and works through his servants and though the scriptures to answer our questions.

The thing he said that stuck out to me the most was someone asked how we could feel the spirit more in our lives all the time and all he said was, PAY ATTENTION. He came to the conclusion of, the Lord's hand is always in your life, he is so much more involved than you realize. When we have a hard time feeling the spirit and seeing his hand in our lives, it's usually because we're not looking for it. This was a huge eye opener to me, and a reminder and I need to look for God's hand and I will feel his divine love more. So this week, I challenge all of you to look, with a sincere heart, for God's hand. A lot of the time it will be really small, but look for Him really wanting to know if He is there and I know He will show you that He is and that He loves you.

This week has been much like all the others when it comes to all the normal daily routines, lots of Spanish and lots of teaching! But some funny things did happen! My personal favorite is my companions and I were leaving for breakfast and forgot that the other 2 sisters that share a room with us were in the showers...and the door locked... So we sat enjoying our breakfast for a good 20 minutes when a sister in our zone came and was like Hermana Baggett I need you key right now! And I was like, umm why? And then it hit me...Hermana Craig and Jamison had no way to get in our room and had been sitting outside in their towels for a least 20 minutes...hahaha whoops, sorry sisters!! We got a tongue lashing for that one but we all laugh about it now! 

Another thing I loved from this week was my zone got to host the new missionaries coming in! Basically we pick them up at their cars, help them get checked in, take them to their rooms to drop off their stuff and then drop them off in their classrooms! It was really fun to see all the new faces and see where all these people are going! 5 sisters that are going to my mission, but English speaking came in that day and it made me so happy to meet all of them! I will do my visitors center training with them in 2 weeks! 

I forgot one of my favorite part of this week! Our other devotional was from Janice Kapp Perry. She has written some of the most popular children's primary songs like "army of helaman" "a child's prayer" "love at home" and more! She talked about the importance of music and how when you don't know what else to do when you need the spirit, SING. Music affects us more than we realize, so If we choose to listen to good, uplifting music, it can be a wonderful blessing in our lives.

I love it here and I love the work! I hope all is well, I send my prayer of health, safety and love for all of you! All is well and God is good, always.

Love Hermana Baggett
I ran into Sister Clark.  We were friends in middle school and high school.  She is serving in Los Angeles.

Hermana Jamison, Hermana Parris, ME, Hermana Craig and Hermana Bassett

My bookstore purchase!

This is Sister Kraig who is also serving in Independence speaking Spanish but not in the Visitor Center.  I was excited to meet her.  We will fly out together to Missouri.

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