Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 18- Prayer is a conversation

I'm doing so well out here and our investigators are great!! We have 2
investigators right now that are progressing. one is praying to know
what day she should prepare for to get baptized which we are so
excited about:) The other we just met! She just walked into church
with her daughter who is a less active but wants to return to church!
We had a lesson with her and she really wants to know more. We are
meeting with her tomorrow and are planning to invite her to be
baptized as well! She has such a great desire and is the sweetest

I love helping people to understand more about god's love for them,
and I love being able to see the change in their face as they
understand more.  They look happier and brighter and I know that it's
the spirit of the gospel in their lives.  It's such a blessing for me
to be involved in this incredible work:)

Transfers are this week though, which no one likes, so my pday may
change to Monday or Thursday we'll have to see:) change is hard but if
I've learned anything about being on the mission, uncomfortable is
key:) we don't learn in our comfort zone, so I'm learning so much
because I'm so uncomfortable always!:)
The Willis House Sisters.  All the sisters we live with, had a rainbow day!  Also a shoutout to my sister because I know she'll love the tutu I'm wearing!

On a spiritual note I have learned so much about prayer this week.
Prayer is just a conversation with God, telling him how we feel, what
we think, what we did, and just all of it.  When we have a real
conversation people we don't just talk all the time.  We listen too.
That's what we need to do with prayers! Don't just talk and move on
with your day. Talk and then listen, and I promise he will answer.  I
know this church is true and that God really does listen to and answer
our prayers if we are willing to listen. So this week I challenge you
to evaluate your prayers, make them more genuine, more of a
conversation, and I know you will be able to build your relationship
with God.

Thanks for all your love and support! I love you all! Have a great
week and remember, all is well and God is good:)

Love Hermana/Sister Baggett
Oh my goodness mom I just got my quilt and I cried hahahaha. It's seriously the cutest idea!!! All the sisters loved it and I'm going to have them sign it and take it into the VC and have all the senior couples sign it too!!! Thanks so much for always thinking of me:) I
love you so much mom!!:) Also, I thought I said thank you for the clothes you sent but I must have forgotten! They all fit really well and they're so cute:) Thank you thank you thank you! You're the best mom:) I hope you have a great week!!:)
One of the members in our ward rescued this little baby squirrel when it fell out of it's tree.  It's so tiny!

Friday Morning Training Meeting (FMTM) we did the Mormon Walking Trail around Independence Square with all the sisters.  This is the temple lot across the street, where we started the walking trail at. There is a group from the Church of Christ thatmeets there every single morning from about 5:30am to around 10am to pray for the second coming. 
We had an adventure when one of the sisters burnt a bag of popcorn in the guides room and set the fire alarm off.  We lost all our guests and smelt like burnt popcorn all day.  So...needless to say, popcorn is no longer allowed at the visitor center for us.

Celebrating Sister Hafoka's birthday with our "cookie log"

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