Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Week 19-Basically everything missionaries do, is socially unacceptable -Sis. Moss

All the Independence and Liberty VC sisters on transfer day.

Sister Hansen and I taking selfies while we packed for transfers

Rough day taking a break in the guides room during lunch!  Sister Hunt, Hermana Lamb in the back, Hermana Delgado on the couch and me!

We survived transfers! Sister Hunt and I are still together in the same 
ward and we're pretty excited about it:) Our zone has some new
goals to really get the work moving this transfer and the main goal is
daily contacting! So daily contacting is anyone who you talk to that
you weren't planning on; example, someone working in the garden as you
walk by, or someone walking their dog. The point of this is to really
just getting us talking with everyone! Each day we make a goal and
basically Sister Hunt and I have decided we're not going home until we
get that goal every day!

The first day we set our goal we only set a goal of 1 because we had
to contact a referral and had to be in the visitors’ center in a half
hour, so we had like no time! But after getting the door slammed in
our face, pretty common in the daily missionary life:) we had some
extra time so we knew we could do it! We tried to talk with a woman
but she was not having it...she still counted though because we tried
to talk. So we decided we needed to go back to be on time to the VC
and even though it wasn't really successful, we got our goal so it's
okay, then we turn around and there's a man walking right by us!!

So I called out "hey, how are ya??" And he looked over and said in
broken English, "sorry I don't speak English well." And I got the
biggest smile on my face and said, "esta bien, yo hablo espanol!"
(It's okay, I speak Spanish!) to make a long story short we had such a
good conversation and he wanted to know what we believed so we're
going to back and see him soon. But we wouldn't have talked to him if
we weren't trying to get our goal! I know the lord is really directing
us even in these little things:)

And this is also one of the examples of how missionaries are socially
unacceptable..haha the sisters and I were talking this week about how
if you think about it, it's not normal to knock on random doors, find
people in parking lots to talk to, dress up every day when it's
sweltering hot and humid and talk about Jesus to everyone!! It's really
not a normal thing, but I love doing it!:) haha it takes me out of my
comfort zone which is good, because there's no growth in a comfort

And in case anyone out there doesn't know, general conference is
coming up next week!!!:) (basically like the super bowl for
missionaries;) ) We get to hear from modern day prophets the things
that our Heavenly Father wants us to know right now, isn't that an
incredible blessing?? So just like we prepare for the super bowl by
stocking up on food, family, friends and fan gear, we should be
preparing for general conference! We can prepare by thinking about
questions that we need answers to and pray for those questions to be
answered. I know as we prepare and pray for those questions, they will
be answered.

I know Jesus Christ is our savior, that the bible and Book of Mormon
together help us to know his will for us, along with modem prophets,
and if we pray to him he will answer the questions we have though the
Holy Ghost. I love this work, and I love all of you!! Hope all is
All is well here, and God is good!

Love Hermana/Sister Baggett
Sister Hunt and I at the Gilbert and Whitney Store which was the first Bishop's Storehouse

A daily occurrence in Independence. Just ride your lawn mower to the gas station...or down the street...or really wherever you want!

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