Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 29- Christmas Is Here

Christmas at the VC with my beautiful companion.

Me, Sister Crockett and Sister Wilkey at the all mission conference we had for Christmas. 
Hey y'all, happy December!:)
This week has been fun of Christmas performances at the visitors
center, ward parties and getting the world excited about the saviors
birth!:) Sister Helmbold has especially helped me to step out of my
comfort zone and has me singing duets with her all the time, who knew
coming on a mission would make Sister Baggett sing!? Haha it sure is
fun though!

Some exciting moments from the field this week! We went to go visit a
less active member we are working with and we are starting over
teaching the lessons to her because she was baptized so long ago and
wasn't very active so she doesn't remember too much. So we went to
teach lesson 1 and her friend was there! We testified of the Book of
Mormon and the restoration and her friend said she has actually been
looking for a church so she wants to know more!:) So we will be
teaching them both together now and it was such a miracle!!

Also one of the sisters in the ward who is returning to activity and
we have been working with for a couple months now got her temple
recommend yesterday!!!! We are so excited for her! She will be going
to do baptisms with her daughter, both for their first time this week
and I can't express the joy! It's amazing to see how people change and
how much happier they become as they do what they know is right!

I hope everyone has been able to start feeling the Christmas spirit
and especially the feeling of joy, love and service that comes with
the holiday! I know I have been able to feel that spirit so much this
week and it has strengthened my testimony of Christ. The key to
helping my testimony of Christ grow this past week has been the church
Christmas video this year, "a savior is born." It's a very short
video, only 2 minutes, of strong testimony from youth of the church
about the savior. We try to show this video to everyone who comes into
the visitors center and share it with members with we eat with them
for dinner and with people we contact on the street, everyone!:) As I
have been able to watch the video over and over and bear my testimony
of Christ my testimony grows stronger every day:)
Us and our investigators son in the play area at the VC.
I truly know, that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world. Not only
did he suffer for our sins but also he made it possible to overcome
weakness and challenges though his atonement. I have felt the power of
the atonement in my life and i know that this power is real. I know he
loves us more than we can comprehend. He is aware of our trials and I
am so grateful for this testimony that I have because it has changed
my life.

I encourage you all to watch, a savior is born, and follow the
invitation, DISCOVER WHY. Pray and study to find out why, find a way
to improve your relationship with the savior and how you can gain a
stronger testimony of him.

I hope you all continue to have a happy and safe holiday season and I
send all of my love from downtown independence!:)
And always remember, especially during this special holiday season,
all is well and God is good:)

Love Hermana/Sister Baggett
I made these cute pillowcases for the sisters that Courtney lives with.  I think they liked them :)

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