Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 28- Thanksgiving and buckets of rain!

A cute picture in the rain...just because.

A great week this was! Busy as always but missionary work is so exciting!

This week was thanksgiving as you all know and it was a fabulous
holiday! We went and had dinner with a member family in our ward, the
Atagi's! We went early to dinner to help make the food and Sister
Helmbold showed me up because she cooks like a champ! We were able to
meet with a couple of our investigators as well and serve at the VC so
you couldn't ask for a better thanksgiving!

Denise and Tui Atagi and Sister Helmbold at Thanksgiving dinner.

Another fun thing that happened is week was right after Thanksgiving
of course it's time to start up Christmas! There was a little lighting
ceremony at the visitors center for them to start turning on the
lights outside and they did a little devotional and they had some of
the sisters hold candles outside and sing and it was a little rainy
but it was great:) (and I'll add pictures of the VC all decorated and
the lights next week!)
Sister Helmbold and I by the VC Christmas tree.

Going along with the rain, it started raining thanksgiving day and has
been raining ever since...seriously it's been four days and the roads
are starting to look like rivers! I experienced my first freezing rain
which was interesting...the snow is much better that's for sure haha.
Freezing rain is when it rains but when it hits anything it freezes,
so we have car doors frozen shut and windshields that are a solid
sheet of ice, ice rink sidewalks and icicles hanging off everything!
Then the roads are super slick too so luckily it thawed out quick so
we could drive! It wasn't an ice storm like I've heard they have here,
but I guess it was a nice intro to that!
When we got soaked from the rain but I'm the only one that looks wet...awkward haha.
Me, Sisters Delange, Helmbold and Olsen

This week was also incredible for our area! Especially one day, it
didn't look like much would come out of our day due to the schedule,
we had our 3 hours of studies and then lunch, and we would only have 2
1/2 hours in our area because we had to be at the visitors center for
our shift. We only had one set appointment with a less active and we
didn't know who to see after. We had a list of people we could try but
didn't feel like we should go to any of those people so we were
basically at a loss. So what do you do when you don't know what to do?
Pray obviously! Haha so we did exactly that and felt like we should go
visit a member and ask if they had any neighbors they thought would be
interested in hearing an uplifting message. We felt prompted to visit
a certain sister in our ward so we went and asked if she had anyone we
could visit and she pulls out a little notebook and gives us eleven
referrals. ELEVEN. That's the most referrals I've ever had in a week
on my mission and we got them all in one day!

So off to work we headed to contact all of these referrals and only
had time to contact one house because we ended up teaching them and
getting 2 new investigators! It was such a miracle and I know that
members really are the key to this work! We could have gone and
knocked doors and maybe found some success but we were able to use our
time wisely and find people quickly who are prepared to hear a message
and already have friends in the church! So to all my lovely friends
out there, reach out to your friends and neighbors! EVERYONE can
benefit from living the gospel of Jesus Christ because it is made for

This week was an all-around great week here in Missouri as I hope it
was for all of you where ever you may be! I love you all and hope you
have a fantastic holiday season, remembering the true reason for the
season:) talk to you all soon and as always, all is well and God is

Love Hermana/Sister Baggett
Sister Morgan and I on Pday

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