Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 24- Dream Big and then get to um!

The Visitors' Center sisters decided to inspire our outfits on Disney Princesses for Halloween.

Friends and family,
I love you all! I know I say this often but I really am grateful for
all the support and love I have from home. It helps so much to know I
have a fantastic support system at home so thanks again:)

This week was transfers and I have again changed pday, visitors’
centers work a little crazy like that sometimes haha but I love it!
This past week has been full of crazy and wonderful things as always!
First of all, transfer week is always crazy:) I think being in an area
like normal missionaries are it wouldn't be too bad because you can
focus on the work and not bring up transfers. But in the visitors
center we're with 18 other sisters and elders come in all the time
with their investigators so it's kind of hard to avoid! So
everyone was on pins and needles for the transfer call. We usually get
a recorded phone message on Tuesday night telling us where everyone is
going on Thursday morning, but it wouldn't send out due to technical
difficulties. So the assistants to the president came into the
visitors’ center to read the roster to us.

 It's probably the weirdest transfer because they ended up keeping
almost all the sisters in the visitors’ center, but swapped up all the
companionships! It's super confusing because everyone is still here
but with a difference comp...haha it's fun though! I am now with
sister Helmbold, still in the same ward though, and I love her so much
already!! She came out with me and we've been serving together at the
VC for almost 5 months so we're good friends and now working together
is going to be fantastic:) we are already running crazy to accomplish
all the things we feel inspired to do!
My new companion Sister Helmbold and I.
One of our main goals we have this transfer is to act on promptings or
ideas right when we get them. This is something I want to extend to
all of you as well! I have always struggled with having all these big
plans and dreams and then never actually get to them. That's so sad,
look at all the opportunities I missed! But not anymore, we are going
to accomplish those big dreams!

And example of what we've done about following our promptings and
plans was we had the idea to do these things called “missionary go kits”
to give to ward members. It has a copy of the Book of Mormon, lesson
pamphlets, pass along cards, the works of missionary supplies! We
wanted to set goals with ward members of when they would be giving
things to people from these go kits.  So we have this fantastic idea
of how to get the ward excited about missionary work now when are we
going to do it? TODAY. We got with the elders in our ward and made 50
of them that day, called our bishop and he loved the idea and we
started handing them out to ward members the very next day and the
ward loves it! Getting the idea and accomplishing it feels so good
and the spirit can work with us so much more when we QUICKLY respond
to his promptings!

So I guess after this incredible week of working with members and
following promptings quickly I guess I have 2 invitations for you! 1)
When you get a prompting to do something, do it that day! No more of
this "oh maybe tomorrow" junk, do it today! And 2) be a member
missionary and carry a Book of Mormon with you, or pass along cards!
You will be amazed at how amazing it feels and how addictive it can be
to share the gospel!:) I know you will be blessed for your efforts and
will feel more of the spirit in your life as you do these things.

I love you all! Hope all is well at home, just like it is here! And
don't forget, all is well and God is good:)

Love Hermana/Sister Baggett
Our investigator at the Visitors' Center with us.  I LOVE bringing investigators to the VC because the spirit is so incredible and it really helps them to progress!  Left to right: Hermana Lamb, Sister Hunt, Dileisi, me and Hermana Delgado.

Happy Halloween!:) Sisters Flake, Helmbold, Allan, Moss me, Morgan and Wilkey

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