Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 26- Keep on mission-ing on!

Stopping by the Royals Stadium on pday.  World series champs.  Sisters Flake, Morgan, Helmbold, me, Allan and Peterson.

A week of all kinds of crazy!! Everything at the visitors center has
been pretty slow in October and November due to the fact that people
aren't traveling as much, but this week was a completely different
story! The BYU game was here in Missouri and it felt like school had
come to the mission and it was the weirdest thing.... all these people
wearing their BYU gear! We were planning on being busy, but the BYU
fans didn't fail...we had our busiest day on record! Almost 1,500
people came in in one day and it was CRAZY. But so fun too!

Another exciting moment of the week! Some sister in another ward
called us up and said they had a referral for us! They had been
teaching this cute little family and they were moving, into our
ward!!!!:) ahhhhhh!! So we got together a group of members from our
ward, bunch of missionaries and we all went and helped them get moved
into their new house! It was so awesome and we are going to go by this
week to help them get moved in a little more but they are the sweetest
family and we are so excited to teach them:)

One of our less active members that we've been working with the whole
time I've been here came to church this week! She has made so many
improvements and I can see the light growing brighter and brighter in
her face. That's one of my favorite things, if not my favorite thing
about my mission; being able to see people's lives and their faces
literally change, they become full of light and hope and it makes me
so much better along the way too.

I know a lot of crazy things have been going on around the world and
hearing about them can sometimes worry people. But hearing about them
has just strengthened my testimony of the need to follow the
commandments. It is easy to slip into doing little things that may
seem insignificant, but we don't want to risk slipping. Don't walk on
the edge! Follow the commandments the way we have been asked to and
that is how we will feel that safety and comfort.

I love all of you! And no matter what happens remember, all is well
and God is good!
Hermana/Sister Baggett
Sister Helmbold and one of our ward members.

Chiefs and Royals
Sister Morgan and I at the KC stadium

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