Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Week 23- The Book of Mormon and Personal Conversion

Hello all!
This week was great as always but one thing that was especially
wonderful was something that happened with our investigators!! We
invited them to church and they said they wanted to come but something
was wrong with their car so they didn't think they could come. We
asked if we could arrange a ride for them and they said that would be
okay, but it wasn't really working out. We were praying so hard that
they would be able to come to church when we got a call from our ward
mission leader saying he had fixed their car!

He had gone over to see if he could help and ended up getting it all
fixed! So they came to church, said they really liked it and that they
want to come again next week!:) It was such a miracle and I'm so
grateful for the members getting involved in missionary work!

Something more personal that was really impactful this week happened
during a presentation I gave at the visitors’ center. I was giving a
history presentation with Sister Moss and during the presentation she
was bearing testimony of how important the Book of Mormon is in our
lives. She said something to the effect of, if we are studying the
Book of Mormon, really studying, we can be more and more converted to
this gospel every day. You would usually think the missionaries are
there to help the guests, which they are, but that day Sister Moss
answered my own prayers. Even though I'm a missionary I learned from
that presentation and from the words of my fellow sister.

We can be converted to the gospel every day! What a blessing, that
though the scriptures we can felt closer and closer to our Heavenly
Father and Jesus Christ. I know as we spend more time in the
scriptures and really dedicate our minds to Christ as we study, we can
feel more of Christ's love and our questions; worries and concerns
will be comforted. So I challenge all of you this week to dedicate
more time to studying the scriptures!

I love you all and am so grateful for all of your prayers!
All is well and God is good!
Love Hermana/Sister Baggett
Our District!
Elders Sagers, Beelek, Blake and Umperiez. Sisters Delange, Junes, Hunt and me!

Me, Sister Allan and Sister Hunt in the guides room at the Visitors' Center.

One of my favorite families in the ward.  The Sanders.

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