Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 21- Conference Week!

President Vest, Sister Hafoka and I doing who knows what!  We were teasing President Vest because his head was glowing.

They gave us cotton candy at our Zone Conference!

Watching General Conference while we were on shift at the Visitors' Center.  Top: Sister Flake, Sister Rowley, Sister Morgan and Sister Hunt.  Bottom: Sister Helmbold and I.

It's been another great week and man wasn't conference fantastic!?! I
loved all the talks and learned so much! So many of the leaders of the
church talked about the importance of getting back to the basics.
Keeping the Sabbath day especially was really emphasized! So many
blessings were promised to us if we keep the Sabbath day but the one
that stood out to me the most was the apostles said that our families
will be blessed with protection if we will keep the Sabbath day holy.
I would say that's a pretty small sacrifice compared to that amazing

On top of all the amazing general conference talks, we also had zone
training basically all day on Friday and it was great as well! I just
feel so spiritually uplifted this week! Because of all the meetings
and things going on at the VC we haven't had too much time in our area but we
have been working to plan our baptism as well! We had our last lesson
with her last night at the temple and she is so excited to be able to
go inside. The temple is fantastic and I encourage all of you to
attend as often as possible, it will bless your life!!
Sister Hunt, me, Darlene and Kellie at the Kansas City Temple.  She's getting baptized on Saturday!

I thought I had more to say this week but not sure what to say
anymore...hahaha so I just wanted to let you all know that I love you
and am so grateful for all your love and support. I know this church
is true and I am grateful for the opportunity to share it for this time
in my life.  Time is flying by and I am doing my best to take
advantage of every moment that I have here in Missouri. I hope all
these pictures make up for my lack of writing this week...it'll be
better next!

Make sure you watch all the conference sessions you missed and get to
the temple as soon as you can!! Love you all:)

Love Hermana /Sister Baggett
Exchanges with Sister Prior again.  This basically explains our day.

My companion keeps our room so cold that I have to improvise.
(Glad she is still supporting Bingham Swim Team)

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