Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Friday, October 23, 2015

No letter :(

On Thursday a girl in my class came in smiling ear to ear.  She told me that her dad saw my daughter the day before.  I was confused for a moment until she told me that her dad was in Missouri!!  He was there on business and decided to visit the Visitors' Center.  He said this amazing sister was giving him a tour and he asked where she was from. She replied "South Jordan". He then recognized her name. (which is amazing, because most dads don't know who their children's teachers are). He thought about it and asked if her mom was a teacher.  He couldn't believe that his 8 year old daughter was in her mom's class at school.  This week was parent teacher conferences and he and his wife came.  He was so impressed with Courtney and her countenance and couldn't get over how happy she was.  He made me promise to invite them to her homecoming so that his three daughters could see what he wants them to be like when they grow up.
Sister Hunt, Sister Baggett and Brother Madsen

The sisters were getting their ipads mixed up at the Visitors' Center.  Courtney asked if I would make them vinyl letters for their ipad covers.  Looks like it was a hit!

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