Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week - 49 I'm still in Kansas!

My new companion Sister Flake
Well we had transfers this week and I'm pretty surprised that I'm still
in Kansas but I'm so happy to still be here! I have a new companion,
her name is Sister Flake! We served together for a little while in the
visitor’s center so now we're super happy to be companions!!

Patricia was able to be baptized and it was so amazing:) she brought
some of her friends and he daughter and she had great support from the
Ward. She said after she was confirmed that she just felt like she
could see more of the plan Heavenly Father has for her. Some of her
family came to church with her too and want to learn more! The gospel
really is about families so we are so excited her family is going to
come into this with her:)

Patricia's baptism. Hermana Krage and her new companion Hermana and my new companion Sister Flake.
There was another baptism early in the day for a little girl named
Isabelle and it was a great service as well! But something really
stood out to me in that baptism. The man from the Ward that was
conducting the baptism wife's just had a baby. He said he felt
prompted to say some things and asked his wife to bring up this brand
new baby. He explained that our Heavenly Father sees us as we see this
little child. We love them and see what we can become. Just as they
learn how to take steps, we learn how to take steps in the gospel. God
truly is our Heavenly Father and he truly loves us because we are his
children. This was just a really eye opening visual for me!

We're off to a good start this transfer, and it's just going to get better!:)
Hope everything is well for everyone! All is well and God is good!
Hermana/Sister Courtney Baggett
Sister Moss, Sister Hunt and I at transfers!

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