Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 50 - Praying for families

Sister Reeves and me on P-day

Hey all!:)This week was fabulous!:) One of the biggest miracles ever happened and it was an answer to prayers! My companion and I were evaluating our prayers and thinking about how we could improve. We knew Heavenly Father answers prayers, so we needed to be more specific so he could bless us with what we needed! We read in preach my gospel that we should be praying to find families, because then they will support each other, come together, learn together and prepare to all enter the temple to be sealed together. We had been praying for the opportunity to find people who had been prepared to accept the gospel, but we hadn't been praying to find families who were being prepared to accept gospel. So we changed our game plan!
We prayed for a couple of weeks, each prayer asking that Heavenly Father would guide us to a family that is ready to accept the gospel.Our prayers were answered!:) After a long and kind of complicated story, we talked with a member when we were out to lunch who said his daughter's boyfriend's family was interested in learning about the gospel. He didn't have their contact information, so he took ours and said he would call us. A couple of days later we met Javier, the father of the Morales family, who said we could come back the next day to teach him and his family.
When we went back for the appointment we met his whole family, parents and 5 kids, along with the girlfriend who ended up being the daughter of the member we talked to a couple of days before! Turns out we found the referral before they were referred to us!:) Crazy!! We had a great talk with all of them and they committed to come to church! They weren't able to come because something came up last minute, but they are excited to meet with us this week and then come to church next Sunday!
This is the Morales family and their member friend.
I know the Lord answers prayers, and he knew that we had a good desire in finding a family to teach so he guided us to the people who were prepared. Our prayers may not always be answered in the ways we think they will be, but they are always answered and Heavenly Father is very aware of every one of us.
And one more miracle! People have been asking about Royce, the one who had the amazing experience at the Liberty Jail, so here's a little update! He is still coming a little slow back to being open after the bad things he heard, but this week he had a huge breakthrough! He was able to go with his wife, Gabriela, to receive her patriarchal blessing. He felt the power of the spirit and the priesthood and knows that this is what he needs. He came to church for the first time again after all of this happened and we know that he will continue to improve and gain a stronger testimony. Even though it wasn't in the time we wanted, he now has a stronger testimony and he will be stronger than if he would have been baptized before all of this happened. The Lord's timing is much better than ours!
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary and to be apart of all these amazing experiences and to know these amazing people who are learning how to change their life by applying the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know the church is true and this is his work:)
Love you all!

Hermana/Sister Courtney Baggett
Our favorite restaurant/Mexican store
Exchanges with Sister Rollins where we saw 60 birthday candles in someone's yard.  Happy Birthday!

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