Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 58 - Summer in Liberty!

Sister Shiess and I on PDay at the Jail.
Hey everyone!:) I never really know how to start these things...ha-ha
but we had a fantastic week as always!:)

Here's an amazing story for y'all! In my first area, when I was in
independence, a woman got baptized named Darlene. She was so excited
to be able to do to the temple so she could prepare the name of her
son so he could be baptized too because he passed away. However, soon
after she was baptized she had a lot of problems with the people she
was living with and ended up moving to Kansas City Kansas so we
couldn't keep in contact with her other than though email. Sister hunt
and I (my companion that taught her with me) emailed her but didn't
hear anything back. When I was transferred to Kansas, I went on
exchanges to the area she was living in and we always went and tried
to visit but no one ever answered the door.

Fast-forward and this last transfer about 3 weeks ago, Sister Hunt was
transferred to the area Darlene now lives in. When I saw her at
transfers, we both were super emotional when she said she was going to
find Darlene, and she didn't waste any time! I got an email from her a
week later, they had found Darlene!:) now Darlene is back to preparing
to go to the temple and she came to the jail this week!! God's hand
truly is in all of this work, because it's his and these are his
Darlene and her granddaughter. Sister Rowley, me and Sister Hunt.

The jail has been fabulous this week as well!! My favorite kind of
groups to take are one with young kids or youth groups because they
are so in tune to the spirit and these experiences that they have with
me in that hour could very possibly change the way their life is
going. It's such a blessing to be a part of that and to feel the power
with them.

Yesterday I was able to take though a mom and her almost 8-year-old
daughter. They were going to see some church history sites just her
and her mom before she gets baptized in September. As I explained the
history in a way that an 8 year old would understand I was able to see
it all in a whole new light; she taught me more that I taught her with
her simple comments that bore strong testimony. Being able to teach
her along side her mom also reminded me of learning as a child and the
patient way I was taught by my parents. It also was a reminder to me
of how our Heavenly Father sees, guides and teaches us. I learn more
every day than I could ever explain or teach, I'm just grateful for
the opportunity to be a missionary:)
The little girl that I was able to go through the Jail with.  I received a text this week from this sweet girl's mom.  It said "Your daughter was so inspiring. You should be so proud!  I hope my daughter can grow to have a testimony as strong as hers."  I am proud!  I and I am proud to be her mom!

Yesterday, June 27th was the anniversary of the martyrdom of the
Prophet Joseph Smith. It was an amazing day to serve at the Liberty
Jail and remember his example and amazing servant as the prophet of
the restoration. I'm grateful for the knowledge and testimony I have
of the restoration. I know that the church Christ established while he
was on the earth is back in it's complete form and that Joseph was
guided by our Heavenly Father to restore it completely for us. I'm
grateful for God's love and the opportunity to share it:)

All is well and God is good!!
There is good in the world and that good is you! Be the good this week:)
Love Hermana/Sister Courtney Baggett

This last week marked a year in the mission field! (As Courtney's mom, I counted the day she entered the MTC as a year, which was May 6th.  Apparently she is counting the year mark as the day she got to Missouri!)
Making Oreo truffles for FHE with some members and investigators

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