Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 60 - Use your talents!

All the sisters serving at the Independence Visitor's Center and Liberty Jail.

Another fabulous week here in the MIM and the liberty jail! SomethingI really loved about this week was how many times I was able to seeHeavenly Father use specific talents to bless people. 

We are all blessed with different talents, and at different times in our lives we need different things. Here are a couple examples I was able to see this week:)We were eating dinner with a family who hasn't been coming to church,and they have a couple family members who are not members of the church and they were all there for this big dinner. At the end of every dinner we share a message, but we were a little worried because we wanted to share a message to bring the spirit into their home but we also didn't want them to be pushed away, so we were looking for the happy medium! We had planned to share a scripture, but we praying the whole dinner to know if that was the right thing to share. About halfway though the dinner we started talking about their granddaughter whois on a mission. They had a video of her bearing her testimony fromMother's Day, but they didn't speak Spanish so they didn't know what she was saying. They asked me to translate for them and right then the spirit was like "this is your message! The message can come from their granddaughter!" As I translated I could see tears fill their eyes as the spirit and love from their granddaughter and our Heavenly Father touched their hearts. I was so grateful Heavenly Father let me use one of my talents to bless their lives!

Just yesterday I was able to see Heavenly Father using my companion's gifts to connect with a member we were visiting. She hasn't been in church for a long time because she struggles with anxiety, but Sister Schiess has this incredible talent of helping people feel comfortable enough to share their concerns even when they just met her. After just a couple of minutes, Sister Schiess was able to ask her questions and make comments that broke down so many walls. We are now going to be visiting this member often and she wants to make a plan of how she can come back to church and overcome that anxiety. It was so awesome to be a part of that!These are just 2 of the many examples I saw this week, but I know we all have different talents because we have different roles. Separately we have strengths and weaknesses. But just think, when we all come together, we start to fill in each other's holes and gaps and weakness. Alone, we are far from being like Christ, but together we can make up the body of Christ:)This week look for those times that Heavenly Father can use your talents to bless the lives of others! Even if we feel like our talents are few, Heavenly Father has a work for each of us to do:) 

love you all and have a great week! All is well and God is good:)                 Love Hermana/Sister Courtney Baggett
Out walking in our area in the nasty humidity!  It's like walking in a sauna, but the deer liked it to so we had to take a selfie.

We had a break the fast last week with a Muslim community in the area and here is the crew!

Missing one of the 8 (she had to  be at a meeting to train a new missionary).  But here we are, 8 sisters from Liberty Jail at the 8 Witness'  Monument.

A surprise visit from my cousin Lexie and her husband Scott!

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