Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 10-Be Friendly!

Weeks really do fly here in the mission but the work is great!! 
I don't have much to say this week, but it was a great week and 
the work is progressing here in independence!

The summer months in the VC are packed and we get to talk with

 so many people it's awesome!! When I get a little break to sit, 
I realize how tired I am and how bad my cheeks hurt from smiling 
so much (cause I smile all day!) but then another group comes through
 the door and I forget the tiredness and get to talk with more amazing people!

We have also had the opportunity to teach more in Spanish this week
and I've been doing better understanding and speaking, it's super fun
to be able to speak another language! And it's funny too because I
make a lot of funny mistakes, I'm glad people (especially my comp) can
get a kick out of the weird mistakes I make! One thing I've learned
this week, life is a whole lot less stressful and upsetting if you
know how to laugh at yourself! Laugh at your dumb mistakes and do
better next time, set goals and work hard, but don't get too down on
yourself. If you're doing your best, it's enough!

A little challenge for everyone out there this week! As I've been
here, I've learned so much and been so much happier when I talk with
people. There are some incredible people that are around us always and
you will never know if you don't talk to them!! So I invite you all to
find a random person to talk with this week, it doesn't have to be
much, it could be as simple as talking to someone in the grocery store
line, asking how they're doing. I think you would be surprised to see
how much your day can brighten and how much you can brighten 

someone else's day just by talking with them and being friendly!

Brighten the world this week!! I love you all! All is well, and God is good:)
Love Hermana Baggett
Sister Rowley, Sister Cuevas and I in the teaching center.

Playing with one of the members pet turtles at dinner.

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