Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Monday, July 6, 2015

Lucky week for us at home

Sometimes we feel a little guilty that we are able to "see"and "hear"  so much of Courtney while she is on her mission.  We know that there are many families out there who are unable to hear from their missionaries consistently.  In fact my sister has a missionary in Russia that can't say much about things going on there.  I have a brother who's son in in the Marshall Islands on an atoll and they didn't hear from him for 18 weeks.   So, we know it's not really the norm to know as much as we do.  Being that Courtney is at a historical site many people we know visit there. This week three families we know saw Courtney and were able to send pictures and videos.  So, we will count our blessings and pray for all of you who don't hear from your missionaries as much as you would like.

Aunt Carma and Uncle Bob

Courtney Baggaley and Courtney were Sunbeams together and went to school together until 3rd grade.

The Condie family are our neighbors. Shawn and his wife moved to Kansas City for Law School.

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