Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 9-Missouri summers will hit you like a freight train!

Last week we had a crazy rainy week with tons of tornado warnings and

this week was quite the opposite when it came to weather.  I think I
made it to the real Missouri heat and humidity!! When you walk outside
it seriously feels like you hit a wall, so in the oh so valid words of
one of the sisters, "Missouri summers will hit you like a freight

The work has been booming this week, there are miracles all over the
place!  My companion and I are now working with investigators and
quite a few less actives thanks to the help of the members in our ward
and the direction of the spirit.  The visitors center has been packed
too with bus tours coming though every day. we had almost 800 people
come through one of the days this week! So many opportunities to share our testimonies!

One awesome experience at the VC this week was with an investigator
and a member family. The elders brought in their investigator to show
him the visitors center and asked what he wanted to see and he said
the history, which was odd because we usually focus on the
presentation "God's plan for his family" (which talks about eternal
families) with investigators instead of the history, but that's what
he wanted to we were like sure! I went to go give them the
presentation, but another group was already there, a member family, so
we just joined them. We started the tour normal, but by the end the
man was so interested in the testimonies of the 4 children (ages 13 to
20) and what it was like for them growing up in the gospel. So the
kids all bore their testimonies to this man and he was so amazed and
encouraged them to keep doing what's right. He said "you influence
people more than you know. I influenced people to do things I wish I
wouldn't have, but you're young and you can change lives for good!" So
change lives with your influence. It was one of the most amazing
experiences to see these members teach by the spirit, everyone
involved learned something for that experience.

There were many more experiences this week, but on a less spiritual
note, I also tried to speak Spanish a couple times this week and it
didn't go too well haha. The worst was we went to a members house to
read the Book of Mormon with her to help her understand better, but my
companion had to use the bathroom before we started, so it was just me
and this sister and she speaks no English. So I worked up the courage
to try to start a conversation...I was trying to tell her that her
daughter did a good job teaching the lesson at church but I couldn't
make it come out right. After 3 or 4 tries she looks at me with a
confused look on her face and says, "Your Spanish isn't very good is
it?" (in Spanish) and I just started laughing and was like ummm...yeah
obviously not... Hahaha so that was a failed attempt! But I was able
to say some things that made sense to her during the lesson and it got
better, but I'll keep trying so one day she'll think my Spanish is

But all is well here in Missouri! Loving the work!
Keep spreading the gospel at home too, spread the joy!
I love you all! All is well and God is good:)
Love, Hermana Baggett

Guess which side of the study table is Courtney's??

Guess they wanted a snack??
Sister Morgan and I on a tour of the Community of Christ Church

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