Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 15-Time flies when you have none of it! -Sister Helmbold

Me, sister day, sister rowley and sister Helmbold outside the VC taking selfies

Hanging out with the plants!

These are the Affleck's! Dr Affleck is the doctor for the 10 missions around here and they live in our ward so they feed us sometimes, they're great though:)

The title of this email came from one of the wonderful sisters that I serve with due to the fact that we literally had no time in our area this week!! So our normal schedule is:
6:30: wake up (sometimes earlier to get a better work out in)
8:00: personal studies
9:00: companionship study
10:00: 12 week (new missionary training)
11:00 lunch
12:00: language study 
1-2:30: time in our area
3:00-9:00: serving in the visitors center
Sometimes we serve in the morning (9:00-3:00) but the schedule is basically the same with about an hour in our area including a half hour of driving time.
But this week we have been tackling the task of converting our area books on to our iPads and our mission president has asked that we work on them for 2 hours every day....so when do we get to our area?...good question. 
Haha some people say Visitor’s Center sisters have it easy, man so not true! But we have seen so many miracles in the very little time that we have.  We have to sacrifice a lot of our time, but because we sacrifice for him He brings people to us to teach! 
We've been teaching one man recently, who is kind of hard to catch because he's really busy, but we just had like 15 minutes to go see someone. We didn't have an appointment with him but we decided to stop by. We knocked on his door and no one was home, so we left a note, but as we were walking back to the car guess who drove up in his car? Our investigator!:) We were able to have such a great lesson with him even though time was so short and we were able to be there at the perfect time to catch him. God really is directing this work!
This week has been so great though when it comes to my studies, I have learned so much!! One thing that I want to share with all of you is the awesome tool that Preach My Gospel is! I thought it was just for missionaries, but man I was so wrong! It is packed full with awesome truths that can be applied to any person’s life, and hey, every member is a missionary right?:) So a challenge for everyone this week, read a section from preach my gospel! If you want to learn how to better feel the spirit, how to improve your prayers, how to study better, or really anything, you can find answers in preach my gospel combined with the scriptures! And even better, it's free on the gospel library under missionary!! So this week, crack that open and get closer to your savior:)

Love you all! Thanks so much for your support and prayers. I feel them always!
And as always, all is well and God is good:)
Love Hermana Baggett
The plants here grow like crazy!! They're taller than one of the sisters!! (She is only 4'10" but hey no one is measuring right?:))

And ice cream on p-day with Sister Hansen, me, Sister Helmbold, Sister Hunt, Sister Rowley, and Sister Morgan!

Making Sister Morgan's cookie logs.
Sisters Morgan, Hafoka and me! Sister Hafoka was in a wheel chair because she got her knee kicked during morning sports at the stake center!

The Toronto's are the directors of the VC and the Liberty Jail. All the VC sisters went to waffle Wednesday breakfast at their home.

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