Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 14- Miracles are real

I guess it was the day to wear pink.  We all showed up matching!  Sis Morgan, Sis Hunt, Sis Day, Sis Moss and me!

Everyone needs an ugly picture once in awhile...so enjoy!

My whole mission (not like it's been that long so far but it feels
like it's been forever haha) I've been praying to find a family to
teach. Family's are usually much more successful in staying in the
church because they have support and love and they have the goal to
make it to the temple to be sealed to be together forever! So I wanted
to find a family, and this week, God lead us to a family:)

We were out tracting and had a list of potentials (people who have
talked to the missionaries before who might be interested) we were
trying to contact. It was our last stop of the day and we'd been going
all day and we only had about 5 minutes left before we needed to head
back but we decided to stop and see if we could set up an appointment
for later. We knocked on the door, she opened the door and saw us and
before we said anything was like, oh we're busy right now but can we
set up a time that you come back later and talk with us? I MEAN WHAT!?
Usually people don't usually even want to talk with us but she was
like yeah come back! So we went back and taught the restoration of the
gospel to her and her family and the spirit was so strong in the
lesson, and we are going back later today to teach them more! It has
just been crazy to me that we were led to one name on a list of so
many and she and her family want to listen and are willing to learn
and let us come back!

God really is directing this work; he is leading us and all the other
missionaries all over the world to teach this gospel to his other
children. He wants everyone to hear the message and we are willing to
share it with anyone who will talk with us long enough to hear it:)

A little thought for this week about the atonement. As a whole mission
we have been studying the atonement to better understand what it is,
what it does and how to apply it so we can be closer to the spirit and
be able to teach better. As we've studied something dawned on me that
all of you may have already figured out but it just took me a little
more time:) it dawned on me that repentance isn't a bad thing. There's
a stigma in the church that when you have to repent it's a shameful
thing because you did something wrong, but that is a stigma I am
willing to do just about anything to get rid of. Satan tells us to be
ashamed because he doesn't want us to repent, those feelings are not
from God. Rather than a shameful thing, repentance is a joyful thing!
It's us having the opportunity to lay aside our sins and to come
closer to God. By repenting we are moving closer to our Heavenly
Father and savior and we can feel their love more strongly. Instead of
looking down at repentance and thinking you are bad because you have
to repent, we should be excited that we have been given the
opportunity to come closer to our loving Heavenly Father. It's not a
bad thing, it's a blessing.

Missouri is great and the work is progressing! I'm grateful that the
Lord trusts me enough to teach his children and do his work. I know
this church is true and that we are doing the work of God on the
earth. For a little challenge this week, pray and ask your Heavenly
Father what you can do or change in your life to be closer to him.
Pray hard, study the scriptures and have faith. And I know the Lord
will answer your cry to him.

Thank you for all your support and prayers, I feel them often.
And don't forget, all is well and God is good
Love Sister Baggett

A lady came into the Visitors center the other day and wanted to give us her left over cupcakes from an event.  Almost 100 cupcakes!  There's always too many treats at the Visitors Center!

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