Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 12-First burn of the summer...In August!

This week has been a great one as always with lots of hard work, my favorite!  One of the great adventures was we took our day that we weren't assigned to the visitors center and walked all day!  I know to all my lovely friends who are serving in places like Argentina this is a common thing...however we have a wonderful blessing of using cars!  But we needed to save some miles and it would be a good opportunity to talk to a lot of people that are outside so we began walking! 
We walked a lot and talked to a lot of people, none of whom were really interested in hearing our message, and sweat buckets!  (I mean buckets, the humidity is insane!) But it was such a great day!  I felt like I got a little bit of sun, but didn't realize how much until I walked into the visitors center that night and all the sisters were wide-eyed-worried and asking why I didn't use sun screen.  I said I don't use sunscreen! haha but now I have a nice tan line from my dress:)
I know I've talked about the bugs here before, and they haven't really been too bad.  I was praying that I wouldn't see them if they were there so I didn't get afraid...that doesn't seem to be working anymore because they're coming out to play!  We keep finding pretty big ones in our study room and my companion refuses to kill them.  (She said the commandments say thou shalt not kill so she won't, obviously she rocks at being exactly obedient but not to my benefit this time haha)  But it's pretty routine now that every time I scream, the wonderful Sister Jones who lives with her companion in our house also comes down the stairs and says "where is it this time?"  hahah what a life saver she is!
Something I have gained a stronger testimony of this week is that prayer is so real.  There are many many people in this world who don't pray.  They don't think there is a God, or if they do believe in God they don't think he would listen.  But I testify that he truly does!  Not only does he listen, but he wants to listen, he wants to hear from you.  You are his child, and he loves you, talk with Him. 
I can testify of this because I have seen the power of prayer in my own life.  Missionary work is not at all easy.  It is so incredible, so worth it, and so exciting but it is not all easy.  There are nights I get on my knees and I feel like we've hit a wall, we don't know what to do and it gets discouraging.  But every time I take those discouraged feelings to my knees, when I stand back  I know everything will work out.  It doesn't make the situation change, but it comforts and strengthens my soul, which is exactly what I need.  I know the Lord wants to do the same for you, he wants to comfort, strengthen and love you.  And as we pray to him, he will bless us with those things and more!
Doctrine and Covenants 68:6

And kind of some big news on this end, you'll be getting a letter in the next week or so from the mission because I have been called to be a trainer this next transfer.  Pretty crazy right? haha I still don't believe it.  Usually you don't train after only 6 weeks in the field ( I'm actually still in training myself, the training is 12 weeks)  but with the huge wave that came in with me, that is coming in this transfer and also the next, 3 other sisters and I have been called to be trainers after only 6 weeks and we won't be finishing our own training.  It's a huge responsibility and I'm pretty nervous, but really excited too.  Just sad because Hermana Cuevas thinks that she will be leaving the VC because she's been here for 5 transfers.  We won't know where we're going for sure though until then, so that will be exciting to see!  But all is well here, working hard and loving it:) 
Once again thank you so much for all the support and love!  Thank you for the prayers for the missionaries.  We need it and feel those prayers every day.  A little challenge for this week, kneel in prayer and just talk to your heavenly father.  Don't get off your knees until you feel Him listening.  Even if you already know, do it again!  A feeling of confirmation and love is never a bad thing:)  I know if you ask for this comfort and love he will give it to you.
Have a great week every one!  All is well and God is good:)
Love Sister Baggett

My August sunburn!

Me, Sister Cuevas, Sister Lamb and Sister Delgado, the 4 Spanish speaking sisters at the VC rewarding ourselves with Oreo Mcflurrys on Pday!

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