Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 64 - Heavenly Father knows his children

Liberty Zone!!  We're missing a couple of people, but close enough!  Elder Sutton, the one right above my shoulder said he was pulling a sister missionary pose...He did a pretty good job!
Hello again everyone!!

We'll start with a jail miracle! A couple of weeks ago a set of sisters came in with an investigator. Her husband was a member who had not been to church in a long time but wanted to come back, so she was learning about the church. She was struggling to know if Joseph was a prophet, so what better place to bring her than the liberty jail! The presentation was pretty normal until the end. As soon as I closed my testimony with "amen" she burst into tears. I was worried I said something wrong at first but I just had a comforting feeling that said to let the sisters talk with her.
They sat down by the jail and I sat upstairs as they talked with her about how she was feeling. In that moment she said she knew that Joseph smith truly was a prophet because there is no way he would have continued to endure if this wasn't completely true. She said she knew this was the path Heavenly Father wanted her to take. She decided that day to be baptized:) it was just a blessing to have the opportunity to witness her gaining a testimony.

We also had some great meetings this week with elders and sisters from all over the mission and then the Liberty Zone! Something I love so much about being a missionary is how much I learn from these other elders and sisters. Where else in the world could you put like twenty 19 to 21 year old kids in a room and they can have some of the most spiritual discussions ever. Only on a mission I'm pretty sure:)
And a miracle from our area! Just yesterday we went to visit some potential investigators, so people who have talked with missionaries and showed interest but haven't actually heard the lessons. We started talking with the mom and by the time we left, there were like 7 of the family members there! We invited the teenagers to watch meet theMormons on Netflix and then gave the mom and aunt plan of salvation pamphlets and testified that God has a plan and that gives us purpose in this life.

After we left, we texted her so she could have our number and a couple hours later she texted back and said she just found out her dad died and she didn't know what would come next for her family. We were like what!? So inspired that we gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet because it talks about where we go after this life! That was something we never could have anticipated but Heavenly Father knows all things and he loves his children so much he would direct us to know what to give them. Being guided by the spirit is probably the best thing ever:)

Love y'all! Have a good week!
Love Hermana/Sister Courtney Baggett

All is well and God is good:)
Exchanges with Sister Morgan!!

This is from the baptism of the women I was able to take through the jail.  Her husband baptized her and these are the sisters that taught her.  Sister Durrans, Peterson, Helmbold and Flahrity.

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