Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 66 - The terrific trio!

Wonderful sisters at zone conference in front of the Kansas City temple.

The terrific trio at the Historic Liberty Jail
Well this week was a whole bunch of crazy!!:) hahaha but we've been working it! Some of the highlights up front! We're in a trio this week!:) Sister Prior went home a week before transfers because she was starting school, so she left us on Friday and started school on Monday(crazy I know, good thing she's a champion). But that means SisterPeterson got to be our companion for this week and it's been super great!:) we had some miracle contacts and were also able to help with a triathlon that the ward organized! So it was great, but I think every one has noticed that stories are my favorite thing so let's just jump in to some of those!

Last Tuesday night we had a lesson with our returning member Tami! She is so awesome:) we planned to start reading a little bit of the book"daughters in my kingdom" to talk a little but more about what relief society is and what she can do with the organization, it was going to be a great lesson! Then we walk in and her husband is there too...it's a pretty complicated story because they're separated but still really good friends, and her husband is less active too but loves when we come visit so we're like trying to come up with a last minute plan of what might be applicable to both of them but it's not like my companion and I can talk about any of it!! So we sit down and Sister Schiess was just like, well this isn't really up your alley but we want you to stay anyway!!:) haha so he stayed and read daughters in my kingdom with us!! Haha but he told us at that end that it helped to strengthen his testimony of the different roles that we have! So I learned not to back out of plans you made with the spirit even if you may think it doesn't apply.

We also saw some super awesome miracles with offering service to less active members. One was in Sister Peterson's ward. She didn't know who they were and we had no info so we went to go meet them and we actually met her husband who we don't think is a member. He was super kind and said that they were moving so they were really busy and so of course we offer to help and he got this smile on his face and was like yeah maybe we could set something up! So we will be able to go help them soon and help them to feel the love that comes from the gospel:)

We also had a similar contact in our ward, same circumstance, we didn't know anything about her. In the beginning of the contact she said she wouldn't like any contact from the church. We continued to chat with her for a bit before we left, and as we left asked if there was anything we could do because we love service. And she actually said yes! That we could come and help with some rocks in their yard so we have that set up for in September and she has been texting us! I have a testimony that service really does soften hearts:)

And one more miracle of the week! We had a lesson yesterday with a mom and son in Sister Peterson's area and the son just turned 11 and hadn't been baptized because his father won't give him permission. But we talked with them about the sacrament and we all just sat and had   great discussion, we were all teaching each other, and they were teaching us! They brought up his baptism and said they feel it's coming soon and are working towards that. I know Heavenly Father is going to bless them with the opportunity because of their faith:)

So that's a little wrap up from Liberty, Missouri! 

Love you all!

And remember, all is well and God is good:)

Love Hermana/Sister Courtney Baggett

Helping out at the triathlon...a minute at the pool and then focus back on the mission!!

After our little down pour one night!

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