Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 38- 9 down, 9 better to go!

After a leadership meeting we had at the mission home with President and Sister Vest.  All these sisters are amazing!
Hello friends and fam!! It's been another fantastic week out here in
Kansas and what's even crazier...it was my 38th week on the
mission...that's nine months!! Hitting half way and saying 9 months
when people ask how long I've been out is a pretty weird feeling.
Weird because I still feel like a brand new missionary because there's
still so much I don't know, but also weird because I feel like it's
been forever at the same time! I've loved every minute though and I'm
excited to have an ever better next 9 months!:)
Me, Sister Prior, Sister Montgomery, Hermana Krage having a great time at a training meeting!
Big miracle of the week!:) our investigator family finally made it to
church again!:) they had been once before but things kept getting in
the way for them not to be able to go again. They made it though and
had such a great experience:) we were also able to go to the visitors
center with them this week to watch meet the Mormons and a
presentation about the family! It was a over all great week for them:)

At the Visitors' Center with on of the members and our investigators who are preparing for baptism.  I don't know why hispanics don't smile in pictures...they never really answer me when I ask but I promise they were really happy to be there!
And a little update on my Spanish! People ask a lot if I actually get
to use my Spanish out here. In my first area I hardly ever used it so
I wasn't learning much because I didn't get to practice much. But out
here, we have so many Spanish investigators and there is a really big
Spanish population! We get practice too with translating, they asked
Krage and I if we could translate for a baptism (half the people spoke
English and half Spanish so we went both English to Spanish and
Spanish to English) and also in relief society.

Funny story about translating in relief society! Sister Krage had the
headset on and I was helping her come up with phrases and looking up
words and things but we were both dying because relief society is the
last hour of church and our meetings start at 2, so that means relief
society is at 4 and we were both fasting...your mind doesn't work that
well at the end of fast Sunday!:) hahaha so almost at the end of the
meeting, Sister Krage covers up the microphone and says "comida,
nesesito comida ahora" (food, I need food right now) and she said it
like 3 times! I was laughing and was like, ya know sister it would be
really funny if they could hear you saying that! Then after the
meeting one of the Spanish sisters came up to us and was like, don't
worry sister I'm hungry too! Hahahaha I was dying and she was a little
embarrassed but we all laughed it off haha:)
But for the end of that, I have had the opportunity to speak a lot
more Spanish out here and I love it!

But that's all I have for this week! I love you all, all is well and
God is good:)
Love Hermana/Sister Baggett
One of my favorite sister missionaries Sister Moss

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