Missouri, Independence Mission

Missouri, Independence Mission

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 37- I hate thinking of titles of emails

Lunch in the Instacare waiting for our other sisters!

Another great week in Kansas and it was really great because it was 60 degrees! Yeah you read that right, it was January and 60, the weather here is super whacked! Ha-ha but we really enjoyed it! Then cold is supposed to come back next week though so we'll be back to real winter!

A little from this week:) the family that I talk about all the time, the ones that had a huge baptism all together, has my heart again! We were sitting next to some of the little girls who were just baptized at church yesterday and the one that was sitting next to me is 8. Her dad got the Aaronic priesthood 2 weeks ago and this week was going to be the first time he passed the sacrament with his brother-in-law and friend (both of which are also recent converts). After the prayer they started to pass and the little girl leans over to me and goes, "look that's my dad! He's passing the bread!" There was no stopping the tears then! She watched him the whole time and was so proud and happy. It was so incredible to be able to see them pass the sacrament and then even more so that his little girl was so proud of him too:)
We also were able to have one of our investigators at church this Sunday and he is so awesome! He's the husband of a recent convert and he really excited to get more involved in the church himself. He knows that the church is true and knows that it has been the best thing for his wife so we are excited for him to experience this same change in his own life:)

69 degrees on Friday!

And some crazy adventures we had this week....we got a flat tire, had to get a new battery in our car, had toe surgery (for the second time and the better be last in my mission ha-ha) and spent half of a day with another set of sisters because one of them was really sick! But we were able to share the gospel with the people who helped us out so everything is still great:)

Surgery for an ingrown toenail.  But, we're doing great now!

Overall I'm doing great as always and loving the work! Love you all! Make this week a great one! All is well and God is good:)
Love Hermana/Sister Baggett

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